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Affidavit of ID

FAQ - Affidavit of ID

Why do I have to submit an Affidavit of ID?

We prefer subcontracting genuine individuals. To ensure the agent's identity is authentic and they are who they claim to be and to safeguard our business against fraudulent individuals and/or activities, submission of an affidavit of identity is mandatory to work with us. Every applicant who has successfully enroled in the job opportunity is required to sign and submit an Affidavit of Identification form before the training starts. This practice enables us to operate in full compliance with Canadian laws and maintain a trustworthy environment for our clients and contractors.

Which Photo IDs are required for submitting Affidavit of ID?

An electronically scanned coloured copy of valid and active Canadian Photo ID with address matching with the address on Arise profile must be provided.

List of acceptable valid Canadian Photo IDs: (Please provide one.)

  • Driver’s License

  • Province / Territory Photo card

  • Passport

  • Health Care Card

I have at least one Photo ID listed above but the address on the ID does not match my current address. What additional documents can I provide?

If you have a valid Canadian Photo ID with an address that does not match with the address on the Arise profile, then an electronically scanned copy of one of the below documents must be provided to establish a Proof of Canadian address. Please note that the applicant's name and address on the documents listed below must match with the name and address listed on Arise Profile.


​List of acceptable documents for Proof of address in Canada: (Please provide one.)

  • Utility bill (such as Gas, Electricity/Hydro, Water)

  • Home service bill (such as Cable TV, Internet, Home Phone)

  • Renters or Homeowner's Insurance Statement

  • Motor Vehicle Registration

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • Residential Lease Agreement

I do not have any of the IDs, can I still work with you?

As long as you can provide the IDs to submit along with the Affidavit of ID before the beginning of training, you can apply for the job. However, please note that after finalizing your enrolment, if you fail to provide the IDs for Affidavit of ID, you will be dropped from the program and may not be able to attend the training. Moreover, if you do not attend the training, you will be subject to No-Show Fee for not being able to attend the first day of Training. Therefore, we recommend having access to the required IDs and supporting paperwork (if need be) to be able to work with us.

What happens when I provide my ID(s) and / or supporting documents and Arise still refutes my affidavit?

If you provide all correct documentation, there are rare chances that Arise may refute your application, however, in case if that happens, we are not allowed to intervene in that matter. You may contact Arise Chat Support via AVA Chat BOT.

To chat with AVA Chat Support, please follow the below steps listed below

  1. Sign into Arise Portal.

  2. Click/Tap on AVA Chat BOT located on the bottom right corner of the page.

  3. Type in your question and respond to the prompts.

Where can I get the Affidavit of ID form?

To download the Affidavit of ID form via Arise portal, please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Sign into Arise Portal.

  2. Click/Tap on AVA Chat BOT located on the bottom right corner of the page.

  3. Click/Tap on "Affidavit Help" menu item.

  4. Click/Tap on "Affidavit Form and Instructions (CA)" menu item.

  5. Click/Tap on "Download the Affidavit and Instructions (CA ENG)" menu item.

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