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Complete Training

Complete Training

Training overview
You will be provided with an access to the instructor-led highly specialized training via live-streaming. It also includes online courses that provides you with a wealth of information on the client program and systems that you will use to service the customers. In order to begin servicing, you must complete the training and pass the final course assessment.

Flexible class times
You will be provided with flexible class times for training. You can pick the time that is suitable to you. Once chosen, the training class times are firm. You are not allowed to switch batch times.

Training schedule
Training is only provided during weekdays.

There is no training during weekends.

Training phase

Training is provided in 2 phases.

Phase-1: Instructor-led learning and Self-paced work

  • This phase provides an overview of the tools, knowledge, resources, and practice call time that are necessary to effectively use client systems and provide quality service to clients' customers. The course is designed as a combination of 4 hours per day of instructor-led sessions and 1-2 hours of self-paced daily assessment modules. Daily assessments are provided to help you track your progress and ensure you are meeting the course objectives. By offering a combination of instructor-led sessions and self paced assessments, this course provides a comprehensive and flexible approach to training that is designed to help you succeed in your role as a customer service representative.

  • Please note that this is an unpaid training phase. Please check out our FAQ page for Training to find out why is this phase unpaid.

  • This phase usually lasts 4 weeks.

Phase-2: Instructor-led learning and Live call taking (Earn while you learn)

  • During this phase, you will have the opportunity to apply what you've learned in Phase 1 to live calls and start earning revenue. This phase allows you to put your training into practice by taking live calls for a couple of hours every day. This live call taking will build your skills, and gain valuable experience in customer service.

  • During this phase, you will get paid for the number of hours you spend time taking live calls.

  • This phase usually lasts 1 week. 

Free training
The training for all of our job opportunities will be provided absolutely free of cost.

Training attendance
100% attendance is required for all of the training classes. Failing to attend the training may result in losing refund for Class Confirmation Deposit

Please ensure you review the Job Description thoroughly for specific details on training.

If you have questions about this step, please visit our FAQ page for Training, as well as FAQ page for Class Confirmation Deposit

No-Show Fee Policy
In the event that an enroled individual fails to attend the first day of the certification training class for which they are enroled, a No-Show Fee of $20.00 CAD will be charged.

  • If you are unable to attend the first day of training, you have the option to unenrol from the opportunity prior to the commencement of the class, thus being exempt from the No-Show Fee Policy.

  • Arise reserves the right to remove any Service Provider or their agent who disputes the No-Show Fee charge with their credit card company without a valid reason.

  • Under no circumstances will refunds be provided for the No-Show Fee.

  • Please note that No-Show Fee is charged by Arise Virtual Solutions (Canada) Inc. and MPower Solutions Inc. has no control over Arise's processes, procedures, policies and fee structure.

  • While Arise does not entertain disputing No-Show Fee, should you wish to pursue the dispute, you may do so by chatting with AVA Chat BOT on the bottom right corner of your Arise Portal Dashboard after signing in to the portal. We do not encourage you to do so and you may do so at your sole discretion.

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