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Each client offers a chargeable and an unpaid training course. In order to begin servicing the client, you must go through their training and pass the final course assessment.

Training Overview

You will get access to the highly specialized instructor-led training (live streaming) and online courses that provide information on the client's program and systems that you will use to service the customers.


Flexible Training Time

  • You will be provided with flexible batch times for training. You can pick the time that is suitable to you. Once chosen, the training batch times are firm. You are not allowed to switch batch times.

  • Training is provided during weekdays. There is no training during weekends.

  • Training times may range anywhere between 4 to 6 hours daily with up to 2 hours of additional self-paced content delivery on a daily basis. Please ensure you review the Job Description thoroughly.

Training Fee

  • Our training is chargeable and non-refundable.

  • The training fee is charged by the client and not by MPower Solutions Inc.

  • The training fee will vary anywhere from $9.00 - $99.00 CAD depending on the client and the duration of the opportunity. Please ensure you review the Job Description thoroughly.


  • 100% attendance is required for the training.

  • Failing to attend the training will result in expulsion from the program without any refund.

Why do you charge a Training Fee?

We understand your concern. Training Fee provides us with a security against individuals who intend to get trained and leave before they actually work with us. These unreasonable actions costs company money as we end up wasting job positions and time training such individuals.

50% Refund Offer

  • Offer is only available when training fee is higher than $50.00 CAD

  • Refund will be provided after you complete 150 hours of working with us.

  • Failing to attend or dropping out or expulsion from training for any reason will void the offer.

  • Failing to meet your Schedule Adherence target during these 150 hours will void the offer.

  • This is a one-time offer. It is not applicable for future training.

Why is training period unpaid?

We understand your concern. It does not benefit the company to pay someone just for being on the other side of the computer, when the individual may leave during or after training without working with us. Hence, we do not compensate for the time spent to get trained.

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