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Why do I have to Register as an Agent?

Each client offers a training course. In order to begin servicing the client you must go through the training and pass the final course assessment. Registering as an agent will provide you access to the highly specialized, instructor-led training and online courses that provides information on the client's systems that you will be using to provide service. It will also provide you with information required for the program.

How do I Register as an Agent?

Registration is a multi-step, yet a very simple and easy process. Complete following steps to register as an agent with MPower Solutions Inc.

Step-1: Create your profile on Arise's Registration Portal (Opens up on a new window)

Points to remember:

  • Your name must be filled out exactly the way it appears on your Social Insurance card (SIN card).

  • In the Additional Information section, please ensure you answer below questions as mentioned in the below screenshot. Please enter 2480414 in Enter referring agent ID (CSPID) box.

  • You will receive an email asking you to validate your email. The email subject will read Deploy Admin. Open up that email, click on the Email Validation link and sign in with your Username and Password before you proceed to next step. Sometimes the email is delayed, be patient. Check your Spam folder if need be.

  1. Create your profile on Arise's Portal (Opens up in a new window)

  1. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Arise

  • You will be ​required to digitally sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, one with Arise and one with MPower.

  1. Submit our Call Center ID

  2. Review and Select Client Opportunity

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