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Customer Service & Sales
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Job Description

On a day-to-day basis, our Work-from-Home agents are expected to participate in the following activities:

  • Provide support for a leading provider of heating, cooling and water heater solutions to Canadian homeowners.

  • Selling is a large part of being successful in this client program. Recognize opportunities
    and incorporate up-selling techniques by informing the customer of additional products and
    services that the client offers to achieve enrollments.

  • Determine the immediate customer through a "consultative style" discussion with the customer.

  • De-escalate customer situations by providing empathy, effective use of probing and listening skills, and working within client policies to provide resolutions that appropriately balance the needs of the customer and the company.

  • It is critical to listen, assist, advise, empathize, de-escalate, and negotiate with customers in a manner that creates goodwill while balancing the needs of the client with the customer. The capacity to quickly assess a given situation retains information provided, and
    make quick and accurate decisions are key skills for this role.

  • Customer Satisfaction must be a priority in each interaction. You must have an intrinsic belief that relationships are built by putting yourself "in the customer's shoes".

  • Intrapersonal relationship building must be a priority. You are required to establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with key contacts within the organization (WFP, Contractors, Service Managers, Central Administration, Other Management Teams).

  • You will be accountable for accurate and timely updating of customer accounts
    pertaining to service resolution as required. Accurate data entry skills are essential.


  • Training will be provided from Monday to Friday as per Eastern Standard Time. There will be no training during weekends.

  • Phase-1 Training (Unpaid)

    • Start Date:

    • End Date:

  • Phase-2 Training (Earn while you learn!)

    • Start Date:

    • End Date:

  • Training Batch (Pick one)

    • Morning:

    • Evening:

  • ​Training Fee for current opportunity is

  • COVID-19 Relief: We will refund your training fee in full after you complete 100 hours of working post successful completion of both the phases of training. Refund will be provided in two equal parts in two successive payment periods.


  • You must be able to communicate fluently in

  • Servicing hours are available on

  • Servicing Window Opens at

  • Servicing Window Closes at

  • A minimum of 15 hours of servicing is required for the entire week and out of those 15 hours, a minimum of    hours of servicing is required on Saturday or on Sunday or a combination of both the days. Minimum hours may change.


  • A Computer, Internet, Headset and a Telephone line is required. 













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