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FAQ - Training

Why is the training period unpaid?

We understand your concern regarding compensation for training time. When we hire a contractor, we are not responsible for covering the costs of their training required to successfully complete your project or assigned job. For instance, when we hire a photographer for an event, we do not reimburse them for the time and effort they invested in acquiring the skills necessary to capture professional photos. Similarly, Arise does not provide compensation for the time you invest in training to deliver exceptional service to your customers. Arise does not provide compensation for the training Phase-1, as it is similar to attending college or university to acquire a certificate or degree. You are acquiring the necessary skills to be able to service the customers. However, during the Phase-2 training (aka Earn-while-you-learn phase), agents are compensated for the time spent servicing customers on the phone. This ensures that both the client company and the agents are making the most of their time and efforts. For more details on compensation, please refer to the Job Description of the respective job.

Does Arise charge for training?

Arise does not impose any charges for training. However, please review our FAQ page for Class Confirmation Deposit.

Why does Arise charge a No-Show Fee?

Arise Platform's client opportunities are highly sought after, but in recent months, an increasing number of agents have been No-Shows on the first day of class. This trend is problematic because there are limited spots available in each certification course, and when an agent misses the class, their spot remains empty, depriving others of the opportunity. To address this issue, Arise has implemented a No-Show Fee to reduce the negative impact of this trend and ensure that enrolled agents are committed to attending the course. This measure aims to minimize the number of empty spots and maximize the opportunities available to dedicated agents.

Can I do the training myself at my own convenience?

The training schedule specified in the "Job Description" for each job opportunity must be strictly followed, and no changes are allowed.

Can I change my training batch time?

Once you have successfully enrolled in a job opportunity, you will not be permitted to change your training batch time. Any attempt to do so will result in being dropped from the training class, and you will be required to reapply. Therefore, please ensure that the training batch time you choose works well with your schedule before enrolling.

Can I take a day or two off during training due to personal reasons?

To successfully complete our training program, 100% attendance is mandatory. Any kind of absence will result in expulsion from the training without a refund. Your trainer is responsible for managing attendance, and we are unable to intervene. We encourage you to communicate with your trainer and discuss any concerns you may have in advance.

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