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Why do I have to register with you?


Registering as an agent will provide you with access to the highly specialized instructor-led training (live streaming) and online courses that provide information on the client's program and systems that you will use to service the customers.

How do I register with you?


Registration is a very simple and easy self-serve process. You may visit our Registration page and start the process. Please read all of the requirement and steps thoroughly before you register as a self-employed independent contract with us.

I do not have these equipment and services. When do I need them?


To be able to attend the training successfully, you will be required to have following equipment available:

  • Computer

  • Internet (connected via an Ethernet cable to the modem)

  • USB Headset with a microphone and inline controls

For the Opportunities that require below equipment, please have them readily available for training phase that requires some real-time call taking and for actual production time.

  • Keypad Telephone with Headset

  • Landline phone service


The equipment and related services must comply with Arise System and Equipment Policy. Please refer to the updated document to ensure all of the requirements by the client program are met.

Where can I buy these equipment & services?


You may buy these equipment from anywhere you feel convenient. However, for your convenience, we have compiled  a list of suggested equipment required to work with us and from where they can be purchased.

Why do I need a wired internet connection using ethernet cable?


Wi-fi connection goes down too often due to the interference within our home. It could be the distance between you and the modem or the router. Wired connection using Ethernet cable gives you the much needed reliability and a consistent connection to the internet. It also provides you with faster speeds when connected to internet as compared to a Wi-fi connection.

You may have noticed that the office or call center computers are on Wired connections (using Ethernet cable) rather than Wi-fi connections.

Hence this is also a core requirement of our clients for you to have a physically connected, reliable and an uninterrupted internet connection.

When do I need to purchase these equipment?


We do not recommend purchasing these equipment before you qualify for the training. You are required to have these equipment readily available before you start your training.

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