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FAQ - Payment

How much do you pay for your jobs?

We value your time and expertise and hence we offer a highly competitive starting pay rate of $16.50 per hour. Our starting pay depends on the client program you choose. In addition, you will always get rewarded with attractive incentives for exceptional performance. As an independent contractor, you'll have the freedom to choose the projects that interest you while enjoying the financial stability that comes with earning a competitive pay and exceptional performance incentives.

Do you pay minimum wage?

We hire you as an Self-employed Independent Contractor and not as an employee. As a self-employed independent contractor, minimum wage laws do not apply to your contract with us. While we acknowledge that the cost of living may vary in different locations, we strive to be competitive and support our independent contractors.

How do I get paid?

We transfer your payment through Interac e-transfer (also known as Email Money Transfer). To ensure timely and hassle-free payments via Email Money Transfer, you must provide us with your email address associated with your desired bank account. Please ensure that the auto-deposit feature is enabled. Please note that if auto-deposit is disabled, it may cause a delay in processing your payments. We will provide you with a copy of your billing (also known as bill for sub-contractors) in PDF format to your registered email.

Do you pay commission for selling?

Certain job opportunities require agents to engage in sales-related tasks such as selling, upgrading existing products and services, or cross-selling. When agents meet the required metrics, they may be eligible to receive various sales incentives and will be paid based on their performance.

Can I dispute my payment?

Certainly, you have the option to dispute any payment within 15 days of receiving it. In case of any clerical errors on our end, we will promptly address and rectify it. However, please note that your payment is based on the intervals registered on Arise's scheduling platform. We will be able to see what Arise scheduling platform reveals. Therefore, if there are any issues beyond clerical errors such as typos, you must raise them directly with Arise.

Do you provide T4A?

If your annual earning with us is over $500.00 CAD, we will provide you with a T4A for the financial year.

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