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Equipment and Services

FAQ - Equipment and Services


The equipment and service used while acquiring training and while servicing during production must always be in compliance with Arise System and Equipment Policy. The requirements for equipment and services may vary between different job opportunities. To obtain most updated information, please refer to the "Equipment and Services" section outlined in the job description.

Which equipment and services are required to work with you?

To be able to work with us, you will need the compatible equipment and services as listed below.

  • Computer

  • Internet

  • Ethernet cable

  • Headset

Equipment and service(s) listed below are only required for some of the opportunities.

  • Keypad Telephone with Headset

  • Landline phone service

  • USB drive

I do not have these equipment and services. When do I need them?

Please be advised that we do not recommend purchasing these equipment before you qualify for the training. However, once you are qualified, please ensure you have compliant equipment readily available before you start your training. These equipment are listed below:

  • Computer

  • Internet

  • Ethernet cable

  • Headset

For the job opportunities that require below equipment and services, please have them readily available for training phase that requires real-time call taking and for actual production time after training.

  • Keypad Telephone with Headset

  • Landline phone service

  • USB drive

Will MPower provide with these equipment and services?

You will work with us as a self-employed independent contractor and not as an employee. Hence, you are required to  use/purchase your own equipment and services to be able to work with any of our job opportunities. We do not provide the equipment and/or services and do not compensate or reimburse the expenses incurred on your part to acquire and/or use  these equipment and services.

Where can I buy these equipment & services?

You may buy these equipment and services from anywhere you feel convenient. However, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of Recommended Equipment required to work with us as well as some the retail locations and websites from where they can be purchased.

My Wi-fi connection is very fast. Can I use Wi-fi to connect to Arise training and service platforms?

Wi-fi connection is over-the-air connection and so it is considered weaker connection as compared to a wired connection. Statistically, wi-fi connections have a higher downtime as compared to wired connections. This happens due to the interference with other equipment within our homes and/or offices. It could be the distance between your computer and the modem/router or it could be the other reasons such as proximity to the fridge or air conditioner or even a fireplace etc. Wired connection using Ethernet cable gives you the much required reliability and a stable connection to the internet. It also provides you with faster speeds when connected to internet as compared to a wi-fi connection.

Call center computers are always connected using wired connections using Ethernet cable.

Hence, this is also a core requirement of our clients for agents to have a physically connected, reliable and an uninterrupted internet connection using an Ethernet cable.


Check out the Use of Wi-fi article here.

What is an Ethernet cable?

An Ethernet cable is a network cable used to connect computer to the modem or the router to connect to the Internet. There are various categories of Ethernet cable. CAT5e category ethernet cables are efficient, commonly used and budget friendly.

Do I need the Ethernet cable during training?

Yes. You are required to be connected to internet using an Ethernet cable during your training.

Where can I buy the Ethernet cable?

Please check out our list of Recommended Equipment.

Do I need the headset during training?

Yes. You will require a Noise-cancelling USB headset with microphone and a mute button during your training. So please ensure that you have it available before you start your training.

Where can I buy the required USB headset?

Please check out our list of Recommended Equipment.

Can I use a laptop instead of a desktop computer?

Yes. You can use a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer as long as it fulfills the requirement as listed in Arise System and Equipment Policy. If you select a job opportunity that requires dual screens/monitors, you will be required to attach the second screen/monitor to your laptop. In this case, please ensure your laptop has compatible ports where you can connect a second screen/monitor.

Can I use a Mac or a Macbook Air computer?

Any Mac computers running MacOS are not supported by any of our client applications.

My laptop doesn't have USB ports, can I use a USB-C to USB port adapter to connect my headset or USB drive?

USB-C to USB port adapters are not supported by any of our client applications. All of the USB ports must be on the computer/laptop itself.

Do I need dual screens/monitors to work with you?

Most of the job opportunities require only one screen/monitor. However, some job opportunities do require a dual-screen / monitor setup. Please refer to the "Job Description" page for more details.

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