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Equipment and Services

Equipment and Services

To be able to work with us, you will need the equipment and services as mentioned below. A generalized list of equipment and services required to work with us is provided, but the specific Job Description for each role will provide details on which equipment and services are required and when to purchase them.


The equipment and service used while acquiring training and while servicing during production must always be in compliance with Arise System and Equipment Policy. The requirements for equipment and services may vary between different job opportunities. To obtain most updated information, please refer to the "Equipment and Services" section outlined in the job description.


A Windows-based desktop computer or a laptop with below configuration is required.


  • For computers with Intel Processor
    - Core-i3 9000 series or better

    - Core-i5 7000 series or better
    Core-i7 5000 series or better
    - ​​Core-i9 (any) series
    - Pentium G5400/N6400 series or better
    - Xeon E Class series or better
    - Celeron J4000/N5000 series or better

  • For computers with AMD Processor
    - Ryzen 3 series or better
    - Athlon 3000 series or better

Operating System

  • Windows 10 or Windows 11 Operating System is required.

RAM / Memory

  • 8GB RAM or more is recommended.

Hard drive Space

  • 40GB or more available space is recommended.

Computers with Mac OS such as Macbook Air, All-in-One computers, Dual boot computers, Microsoft Surface computers, Chrome OS based PCs, Netbooks, Tablets, iPads, Mobile phones are not permitted.

Screen / Monitor

  • Most of the job opportunities require only one screen, however dual screens will make your work a lot easier.

  • If dual screens are required for a specific job opportunity, then it will be mentioned in "Equipment and Services" section in Job Description page. Please review Job Description thoroughly before you apply.

Wired Internet

  • A high-speed hard-wired internet connection is required.

  • For a hardwired internet setup you will need an ethernet cable connected between your computer (desktop or laptop) and the internet modem.


To purchase the ethernet cable, please visit our page for Recommended Equipment.

Use of Wi-Fi is prohibited.
Connecting to the Arise training and production platform using Wi-fi is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate removal from the training program or a ban from using the platform in the future.

Exception: You are allowed to sign in to your Arise profile to schedule your work hours when you are on Wi-fi connection.


Use of VPN is prohibited.

You must be physically in Canada while signing into Arise Platform. Connecting to the Arise training and production platform using VPN is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate removal from the training program or being banned from using the platform in the future.

Use of Cellphone data (4G, 5G etc.), Mobile Hotspot, and Satellite Internet Service Providers is prohibited.

Breaching any of the above mentioned prohibition will trigger an internal audit and will result in termination of your contract. 

Noise-cancelling USB Headset

  • A good quality noise-cancelling USB headset with a microphone with inline controls (a mute button for microphone + volume up / down buttons) is required.

  • Some job opportunities require a headset that connects with the landline phone equipment.


To purchase the headset, please visit our page for Recommended Equipment.

​Headsets with 2.5mm jack, 3.5mm jack, bluetooth headsets or other cellphone headsets are not compatible with Arise platform.

USB Drive

Most job opportunities do not require you to have a USB driveHowever, few job opportunities does requires a USB drive. In such case:

  • A USB drive with 8GB - 16GB storage capacity is required.

  • The entire USB drive must be empty and no other files or applications can be stored on that drive.

  • You will be required to download/install the operating software onto your USB drive which will format and erase all of your existing files/data on the drive so please ensure you do not leave any important files/data onto that USB drive before downloading or installing the operating application.

Telephone Service & Equipment

  • Most of our job opportunities do not require you to have a landline phone line service and a call-centre phone equipment.

  • If you are required to purchase the call-centre phone equipment please refer to our page for Recommended Equipment.

  • For a landline phone service:

    • Landline phone service from major companies such as Rogers, Bell, Primus etc. is recommended.

    • Any calling features (such as Call Display, Call Waiting, Voicemail etc.) are not required.

    • Any Long Distance calling add-on may or may not be required.

  • Using VoIP services like Magic Jack, OOMA, Skype etc. is not permitted.
  • Using a cellphone service to connect to Arise Production Platform is not permitted.

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