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Enrolling in an Opportunity includes expressing interest in a client program, taking voice and program assessments, completing technical check of your computer, applying for background check and submitting payment for training.

1. Select an Opportunity

Selecting an Opportunity is the first step towards enrolling for an opportunity.

A. Read the Opportunity Announcement

An Opportunity Announcement is a document that helps you determine if you would like to provide services for a particular client program.

B. Expressing interest in the Opportunity

After you complete registration you will arrive at a page that will display Available Opportunities. Once you review the Opportunity Announcement document and decide for a particular opportunity, you will be required to select the timing for training batch. Select the time for the training batch that suits you the best. This step is considered as if you have expressed your interest in a specific Opportunity. After you express your interest in an opportunity you may proceed to Voice Assessment.

2. Take Voice Assessment

The Voice Assessment is a short about 5-minute vocal test that you can take from the comfort of your home.

3. Complete Technical Check

This check determines if your computer meets the unique technical requirement that you must meet in order to use client-required software to service the Opportunity you are enrolling in.

4. Take Program Assessment

This step consists of a battery of questions that assess whether you are the right match for the application you are interested in. This step is like a virtual interview. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the assessment.

5. Complete Background Check

Background Check is a process to screen those individuals that register to use the Arise Platform. This screening helps us ensure that the individuals intending to work with us are free of disqualifying criminal history.

6. Secure Training

Once your Background Check comes out clean, you are considered qualified to get trained. In order for you to get trained you must secure your spot for training. You will be required to pay the fee for the training / certification. Once you pay for the training, you will receive a confirmation email. This will secure your spot for training. You are required to complete the training successfully to be able to start working with us.


After securing the training and before you start your training, you will be required to complete following:

  • Complete Pre-requisites (pre-training assessments). Once your trainer is assigned and before your training starts, you will receive an email with instructions. Please complete all pre-training assessments before attending the first day of your training. If you have any questions of concerns about the assessments, you may reach out to your trainer via the same email from which you received the instructions.

  • Complete the Annual Security Course 2021. Please download the Guide and the FAQs. (Only available in English.) A PDF file will be downloaded. Please review it thoroughly and follow the instructions to complete the Annual Security Course every year.

  • Submit an Affidavit of Identity. You can find the guides here - English or French. A PDF file will be downloaded. Please review it thoroughly and follow the instructions to submit your affidavit of identity.

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