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Work with us

You must complete following stages to start working with us.​

Enroll in an Opportunity

To enroll successfully for a specific opportunity, you must complete the enrollment steps to become qualified for the job. 

Enrollment includes expressing interest in a client program, taking voice and program assessments, applying for background check and submitting payment for training.

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Each client offers a chargeable training course. In order to begin servicing the client, you must go through their training and pass the final course assessment.

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Get Trained

We provide a very competitive pay starting from $14.00 CAD per hour (varies from job to job), and with some clients offering commissions as well, your overall earning may be higher.


Start Earning

An Opportunity Announcement is a document that contains all the information you need to determine if you would like to provide services for a particular client program.

What information do I find in Opportunity Announcement document?

The Opportunity Announcement document provides details about the client, call types, additional equipment requirements (if any), training course schedules and training requirements.

How do I view the details of the Opportunity Announcement?

Click/Tap the green coloured Info button to view the Opportunity Announcement. This will open up a .pdf file in your browser window. We recommend saving this document on your computer where you can refer to it in future.


It is critical that you read Opportunity Announcements thoroughly before expressing interest in a client program.

Please refer the sample screenshot.

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