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Joining our team of work from home agents is simple and straightforward, and we're excited to have you on board! To help you get started quickly, we've compiled all the essential information you need to know. Let's get right to it and make the process as smooth as possible.

Registration to Servicing Journey

To start working with us, please follow the Steps for Registration to Servicing Journey listed below.

This image shows the steps involved from Registration to Servicing Journey to start working with MPower Solutions Inc.

Step-1: Register

Registering as an agent will provide you with access to the highly specialized instructor-led training (live streaming) and online courses that provide information on the client's program and systems that you will use to service the customers.


Create an Arise Profile

In order for you to be able to work with us using Arise platform, you must create a profile on Arise platform.

Finalize Registration

Once you create an Arise profile,finalize your registration by registering as an agent working with MPower. Once you finalize the registration, you can apply to attend the highly specialized instructor-led training (live streaming) and online courses. This will provide a wealth of information on the client's program and systems that you will use to service the customers.

To finalize your registration on the Arise platform as an agent working with MPower, you must fill out our Referral Code and Service Partner ID when finalizing your registration.

  • Referral Code - 2480414

  • Service Partner ID - 184627

Please note that the registration requests without Referral Code and Service Partner ID will be rejected.

We've created a detailed reference guide to help you with the process of creating your profile and finalizing your registration. Please download the reference guide by clicking the button below.

Step-2: Apply for Job

In order to start working with us, you must complete the steps to be qualified for any of our job opportunities. Once you complete the steps successfully you will be able to enrol in training for any of the available job opportunities.


Complete Harver Assessment

Harver assessment is an industry-standard pre-employment testing solution, which helps us with the process for assessing candidates. It consists of a battery of questions that assess whether you are the right match for the job opportunity you are interested in. This assessment will test you for skills needed to succeed in provide best in class customer service. Harver Assessment will mostly cover questionnaire from topics such as personality, situational judgement, multitasking, language proficiency, typing and computer literacy.

If you have questions about this step, please visit our FAQ page for Harver Assessment.

Select an Opportunity

Select an appropriate job opportunity that you feel comfortable and confident working for. You must read the Opportunity Announcement PDF document available under each job opportunity. This will help  you make an informed decision about the job you are applying for. Here you will select a specific class time for training.

Complete Proficiency Assessment(s)

Some clients requires the candidates to take and pass the Proficiency Assessment. This assessment tests the candidates for English language in topics such as spoken English proficiency, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar proficiency, behavioral fit and situational judgement.


The candidates applying for the Bilingual or French job opportunities may be required to take an additional Bilingual Proficiency Assessment. This assessment tests the candidate's Bilingual skills for Quebecois French.

Complete a PC Check

This check determines if your computer meets the unique technical requirement that you must meet in order to use client-required software to service the Opportunity you are enrolling in.

If you have questions about this step, please visit our FAQ page for PC Check.


While completing the PC check, please ensure that your computer is connected to the internet modem using an Ethernet cable. Wi-fi must be disabled/disconnected. Using Wi-fi during the PC check may result in a failed PC check.

Got questions? Please visit our FAQ page for PC Check.


Submit a Background Check

Background Check is a process to screen individuals that register to use the Arise Platform. This screening helps us ensure that the individuals intending to work with us are free of disqualifying criminal history.

If you have questions about this step, please visit our FAQ page for Background Check.

If you have questions about this step, please visit our FAQ page for Background Check.


Submit Affidavit of Identity

To ensure the agent's identity is authentic and they are who they claim to be, an affidavit of identity will be required to be submitted.

If you have questions about this step, please visit our FAQ page for Affidavit of ID.

Step-3: Complete Training

Each client offers absolutely free training course. In order to begin servicing the client, you must go through their training and pass the final course assessment.

Step-4: Start Working

Congratulations! You've reached the most rewarding step of the process we've all been eagerly awaiting. After completing your training and successfully passing the final assessment, you'll be fully prepared to deliver world-class service to our esteemed client customers. This marks the beginning of your journey to provide exceptional customer support and earn money, all from the comfort of your own home. Get ready to embark on an exciting and fulfilling career where your skills and dedication will make a real difference.

I agree to receive announcements for new job opportunities via Email and via Messaging from MPower. Standard message and data rates may apply. I have read and understood the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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