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Frequently Asked Questions

Opportunity Announcement

A. Read the Opportunity Announcement

An Opportunity Announcement is a document that contains all the information you need to determine if you would like to provide services for a particular client program.

What information do I find in Opportunity Announcement document?

The Opportunity Announcement document provides details about the client, call types, additional equipment requirements (if any), training course schedules and training requirements.

How do I view the details of the Opportunity Announcement?

Click/Tap the green coloured Info button to view the Opportunity Announcement. This will open up a .pdf file in your browser window. We recommend saving this document on your computer where you can refer to it in future.


It is critical that you read Opportunity Announcements thoroughly before expressing interest in a client program.

Please refer the sample screenshot.


How do I express my interest in a specific Opportunity?

After you complete registration you will arrive at a page that will display Available Opportunities. Once you review the Opportunity Announcement document and decide for a particular opportunity, you will be required to select the timing for training batch. Select the time for the training batch that suits you the best. This step is considered as if you have expressed your interest in a specific Opportunity. After you express your interest in an opportunity you may proceed to Voice Assessment.

Please refer the sample screenshot.


How do I prepare for Voice Assessment?

  • All you need is an access to a telephone and a quiet environment. A landline telephone line is preferred.

  • You will receive a phone call from an automated service with a set of questions. You will be required to register your answers.

  • The result for the voice assessment is provided instantly. If you clear the assessment, you will be able to move to the next step, which is Technical Check.

What are the requirements for Technical Check?

  • This check can be performed with only a computer running Microsoft Windows Operating System.

  • You will also be required to use either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser. Other browsers are not incompatible and may result in failing the Technical Check.

  • Because the Latency of Wired connection is much lower than the Wi-fi connection, it is recommended that you are connected with internet using an Ethernet cable while completing the Technical Check.


The equipment and related services must comply with Arise System and Equipment Policy. Please refer to the updated document to ensure all of the requirements by the client program are met.

What is involved in Program Assessment?

  • A Program Assessment is a virtual interview for your job.

  • You will be tested for your personality via multiple choice questionnaire.

  • It also includes real-life work-related scenarios where you will be tested for multi-tasking abilities.

  • Answer the questions wisely and appropriately.

  • Once you submit your response, you will be provided with final result within 3-7 business days. Once you clear the Program Assessment you may proceed to Background Check.

Background Check is a process to screen those individuals that register to use the Arise Platform. This screening helps ensure that these individuals are free of disqualifying criminal history and that their identity is validated.

Background Checks are completed by our vendor - First Advantage Canada

First Advantage Canada

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm EST

Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm




Vendor adheres to Canada Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Why do I need to complete a Background Check?

Arise clients provide access to their confidential customer information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and credit card data. Background Check is required by our clients for the security purpose. The Background Check is a process that screen those individuals registering to use the Arise Platform are free of disqualifying criminal history and that their identity is validated.

What is involved in a Background Check?

The Background Check consists of 2 parts: ID Verification and Canadian Criminal Record Check.

ID Verification

  • This part validates the given information (such as Name, DOB, Address, SIN, Drivers License etc.) as valid, matching, and belonging to the Registrant.

  • This part must be Clear in order for the registrant to continue to the Canadian Criminal Record Check part of the Background Check process.


Canadian Criminal Record Check

  • This part checks for disqualifying criminal history.

  • A Clear result must be returned to Arise in order for the Registrant to continue registration with Arise.

How long does it take to know the result of my Background Check?

Processing of the background check takes an average 3-5 business days. Registrants are advised to monitor their emails and phones as the vendor may reach the registrant directly if additional information is needed to process the check.

Vendor sends a 'Clear' or 'Not Clear' results for each of the reports. A 'Not Clear' result for any part of the background check results in ineligibility for the registrant to continue registration with Arise.


Arise does not allow usage of the Arise platform by anyone who has been convicted of or pled guilty to certain felony or misdemeanor charges; including but not limited to theft, fraud, identity theft, or other similar violations.

How do I register with you?

In order to register successfully with us, please ensure you do the following:

  • Review the entire slideshow on the Registration page and follow the instructions mentioned each and every slide.

  • Please ensure you enter the Referring Agent ID - 2480414 and Company ID - 184627 in the respective fields.

  • We recommend using Internet Explorer browser while registering.

Navigate to the Online Registration Form. The link will open up in a new browser page.

Is there any fee to register with you?

Registering with us is absolutely a no-charge and no-obligation process.

How do I know you are a legitimate business?

We appreciate your concern. While there are a lot of illegal or fake entities out there trying to mislead people, we believe in full transparency. We are genuine! We take pride in ensuring that you are completely satisfied with us.

Before you proceed to start working with us, we encourage you to go through the process yourself to ensure that we are a genuine business! :)

Step - 1
Visit Directories of Canadian companies, a genuine Canadian government website. (This link will open in a new window.)


Step - 2
Click/Tap on Canada's business registries topic link.


Step - 3
Click/Tap on I accept the terms of use button.


Step - 4
Please type in "MPower Solutions Inc." (without the quotation marks) in the search box and ensure that Active businesses  option button is checked at the bottom of the search box. Click/Tap on the search button with magnifying glass icon on the right hand side of the search box.


Step - 5
You will find our business listing! We are provincially registered business with the province of Ontario, Canada.


Please refer to the screenshot of our business listing.



Thank you once again for taking time to verify the authenticity of our business. This goes on to reveal your willingness to work with us and we greatly appreciate it.

Why is there no information about you on google?

We believe in quality and out strength is the experience our past and current agents have had with us. Our advertisement happens through a "word of mouth". You will find our job postings on Facebook, Instagram and Kijiji.

Am I eligible to work with you?

We believe in quality and out strength is the experience our past and current agents have had with us. Our advertisement happens through a "word of mouth". You will find our job postings on Facebook, Instagram and Kijiji.

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