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Business Authenticity

We appreciate your concern. While there are a lot of illegal or fake entities out there trying to mislead people, we believe in full transparency. We are genuine! We take pride in ensuring that you are completely satisfied with us.


Before you proceed to start working with us, we encourage you to go through the process yourself to ensure that we are a genuine business! :)

Step - 1
Visit Directories of Canadian companies, a genuine Canadian government website. (This link will open in a new window.)


Step - 2
Click/Tap on Canada's business registries topic link.


Step - 3
Click/Tap on I accept the terms of use button.


Step - 4
Please type in "MPower Solutions Inc." (without the quotation marks) in the search box and ensure that Active businesses  option button is checked at the bottom of the search box. Click/Tap on the search button with magnifying glass icon on the right hand side of the search box.


Step - 5
You will find our business listing! We are provincially registered business with the province of Ontario, Canada.


Thank you once again for taking time to verify the authenticity of our business. This goes on to reveal your willingness to work with us and we greatly appreciate it.

Register with us worry-free!

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